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1244 Kempton St New Bedford MA 02740

                ( Shaw's Plaza )

508 - 993 - 8888


experience in nail care

About us

We invite you to experience the beauty with Cozy professionail care.

   We are committed to delivering service that promotes health, well-being, comfort,
    and beauty. Among many of our priorities are grade-A sanitation standards, client
    focused attention, and beauty care. We encourage the continuation of education.
    We are also selective in staffing, and are committee to continuously upgrading our
    services and customer contenment.
Your Helth & Safety First.
   At Cozy Nails & Spa, every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and protect 
    your health. Be confident that the professional at Cozy Nails $ Spa follows every
    preventive procedure then it comes to you well-being
Sterilization & Sanitizing Procedures.
   Spa Salons are where we go to feel relaxed and pampered-stress and worry are not 
    supposed to be part of the picture. A manicure and pedicure should be a wonderful,
    relaxing experience for everyone to indulge.
    All metal implements and sealed in enveloped and sterilized in a steam autoclave 
    similar to those use in the dental offices. The Cozy Nails & Spa attendants use the
    fresh bag of implements, open exclusively for you.
Monday - Friday
9:30 Am - 7:00 Am
9:30 Am - 6:00 Pm
We're close now !!1

It is'nt a nail service. It is a nail eprience.

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